Do you Believe in Magic?
              If so enter the door and explore our Powerful Perfume oils!
                          We create wonderful magic oils to choose ..
                    They smell ……sooo attractive addictive and magical!!
                                          Try one ...or all!!
These special Magic Oils are created using master crystals, oils, special herbs, and the positive energies under a Full Moon. This process lets the crystals, oils, and special herbs release the highest quantity of their spiritual properties into our Powerful Wonder oils..
We charge them first for protection , and you can use them for anything you want. Money, power, business, protection, love, attraction, spells of any kind, charge your items, bring energy to your place, or just use them as powerful perfumes etc,. the possibilities are endless…

To empower your magickal oil, after purchasing them, you need to focus your mind on your magickal goal and on the specific effect you expect the oil, to have.
Use your intention plus the natural energy into them. Your focused energy is imparted into the oils through your willful intent, your touch and the heat of your hands!!
Use the basis steps of magick “intention coupled with expectation”, “desire and merging”–to empower whatever it is you wish to empower.

Use the power of touch!.
Here is how to do it……….. First, wash your hands well, dry them and then rub the palms of your hands briskly together to charge them with energy. Immediately place few drops of Our wonder Oils in your figer tips or palm , rub it while focus on your goal and repeat..

“ Magic Oils of wonder; Magical Oils of power
I conjure you now and I charge you with strength
I,m giving you life of infinite length
And boundless magickal energy
So mote it be
So mote it be”

Or Use by putting several drops before meditation, Reiki, Seichim, chakra balancing, or other forms of energy healing, channeling or working with Angels and Spirit Guides, or before you start your day or before going to sleep.Put few drops on your cloths etc..

The stronger your desire for your goal, the stronger the energy you impart into the Oil.

At first it may seem odd to actually be sending power or energy into our Wonder Oils , but with a little practice, empowering and energetically charging potions becomes a natural skill that is easy and fun. You will also begin to understand how powerful
transferring energy from your hands to another object or from your mind to a specific goal can really be. More specifically, how this energy can be applied toward attaining your magickal goals.

The key, is to stay focused on your magickal goal !
Example: If you are asking for money, see yourself basking in money now!
See and sense your magickal success!