Our Evil Eye little Pendants, talismans, bracelets,  are packed with awesome magical powers which are experienced when worn around your neck, wrist or have them in your house!.

The Evil Eye -- mal occhio -- truly exists, & modern western culture has so deeply repressed all knowledge of it that its effects overwhelm us!

it is also known in most languages : In english as " bad eye ", " evil eye ", " evil look "- in French " Mauvais Oeil " - in German " böse Blick " - in Arabic " ayin hasad " (eye of envy) - in Armenian " pasternak " - Yiddish " aynore or ahore " from Hebrew " ayin harac " - Hungarian " szemmel verés " ("beating with eyes") - Polish " oko proroka " (" the eye of the prophet ") - Sicilian " jettatura " ("casting") . Brazilian Portuguese has " olho gordo " ("fat eye") or " quebranto "("breaker") - in Spanish " mal de ojo " (the eye's curse)- in Irish " droch-shuil " - in Greek " matiasma "or " mati "someone refers to the act of cursing someone with the evil eye-.In Turkey “Nasar Boncuck”

The Evil Eye has been around since the beginning of time. The Evil Eye refers to a curse or negative energy onto anything and/or anyone that is created by someone's gaze; not necessarily but sometimes, by jealousy and bad thoughts, which results misfortune.

The evil eye is not necessarily considered to be intentional, or related with witchcraft or sorcery. People who create this type of misfortune because of the Evil Eye usually are not aware that they are doing so. No wrong doing or revenge is sought to another person.

The belief of the Evil Eye is common in all major religions. Also, both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible mention the Evil Eye.

The pure protective cure against the Evil Eye is the Blue Bead Eye Charm because it "mirrors back" the blue of the evil eye; therefore, "confounds" it. In another words, it turns the curse away or turns back the harm.

Our ‘Wish 4 Real” Protective Evil Eye Bracelets, talismans and pendants, carry with them, tremendous power, not only through their natural benefits, but due to the fact that we also cast them with a strong protective spell to maximize the benefits, of the one that wears them!

The Evil Eye pendant, talisman  or Bracelet is a weapon in the psychic/physical world.

This thousands of years old talisman continues to fight against the evil eye all over the world.

The evil eye bead gives protection and brings luck to all.

Wish 4 Real  Evil  Eye Talismans are world renowned used by thousands of people!!

We truly believe you were sent here for a reason!

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Evil Eye Talismans for your car (by mirror),
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Gold Evil Eye -Horseshoe

Gold Evil Eye -Heart

Gold Evil Eye -Flower

Gold Evil Eye -Dolphin